At TMFC we encourage a wide variety of flying disciplines.

No matter what you fly, be it Gliders, Jets, Helis, Warbirds, Aerobats, fun, or competitive flying, we love to see you improve your flying skills.

We have a delegate for each Special Interest Group (SIG). The purpose of the SIGs are to foster, encourage and grow that particular aspect of our great sport/hobby.

Want to get involved in a particular style of flying? Why not get in touch with one of our SIG delegates today?

Extreme flight is what its all about. Crazy stunts, prop hanging and stick bashing wows the crowd, sometimes this crazy dance is set to music too!
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Purpose designed aircraft are put through their paces performing a routine of prescribed maneuvers. Accuracy and discipline play a huge role.
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These models mimic the real thing not only in looks, but in flying style too. Flying in a scale fashion is not as easy as it may appear, and highly rewarding if done correctly.
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Miniature Turbines deliver all the sound, speed and smell of Jet fuel, just like the real thing. A popular attraction at flying events.

The thrill of silent flight encompasses scale, thermal, speed and duration disciplines. These majestic birds reach for the skies either self powered, bungee launched, or towed by model aircraft.

One of the most difficult RC skills to master, helicopters are a crowd favorite. Whether you prefer scale or 3D flying, these rotorcraft are fun to watch, and even better to fly.