The application process to join our club is as follows :

  1. TMFC is a SACAA registered club. You will need to join an SACAA approved ARO. There are currently 2 SACAA approved ARO’s, SAMAA and RCASA. All info needed about SAMAA is on this page and all info on RCASA is on this page.
  2. Download and complete the APPLICATION form.
  3. Visit our club, meet the members, and have 2 members second your application by signing it.
  4. Give the completed form to the club secretary.
  6. You will be notified of our Bank details, Joining fee, and the pro-rata annual membership fee due.
  7. Once your application is successful, Pay your fees directly into the club bank account.
  8. You are required to attend the next General Meeting where we can meet and greet you. Meetings are held at the Bellville Library or at the club. You will be emailed a reminder of where and when.
  9. By joining our club you agree to abide by the CLUB RULES.