For those members interested in flying scale or merely wanting to learn how scale is flown please join Mike Rabeling.
We are trying to get scale flyers up to scratch and develop enough interest to host  a WP scale champs in the near future and also develop a team to go to the Nationals.
So bring your planes. Anything that resembles a full size aircraft is good to start with for sport scale. It is more about the actual flying style at this stage than the actual model.
Please speak to Mike if you see him or even call him for further information.
Mike : Zero 83 Two 55 Eight 5 73

TMFC Scale “post” from 28 August 2016

8/28/2016   There was drama on Sunday as the scale guys gathered, first the mist was thick as briefing time arrived and some people had not arrived !
However by 9:oo am most pilots had put in an appearance and the mist was teasing us by lifting and then coming down again.
By 10:00 am we were ready to go, Only to find that the Mirage of Gareth had a air leak problem on the retracts and then the Fokker  of Mikes refused to start, so the schedule was in dissaray!
More drama ensured as Pierre’s Cub suffered an engine out after take-off and so had an out landing damaging his undercarriage and so ended his day. Johnnys Cub had a Gemini twin cylinder installed and on his flight ,one cylinder went awol and his flight ended in the perimeter fence ending his day with a damaged undercarriage and wing. Fortunately repairable.
Things calmed down and the flights started and scores were put on the board.
The Mirage was fantastic,putting in brilliant flights, the slow roll giving me goosebumps!!
Daves Gee -Bee putting in 2 steady flights but seems to be underpowered.
The Fokker eventually after much removing and replacing of carburetor also got in the flights.
The Sopwith of Justin was majestic in the sky ,showing us how a WW1 plane should be flown.
Aubrey flew his standard Sunday plane,more disciplined than normal also having 2 decent flights.
Danny was there with his Mustang in his first comp outing ,having a deadstick in his first flight, and a steady second flight.
To the guys who did not come , u missed a great event, a fun event. Hopefully we will see more of u next time . Remember its about having fun and flying a scale plane as it should be flown. Its not about winning or losing,but about camaraderie!!
Many thanks to our two judges ,Johnny Calefato and Pierre Joubert who sat out there and gave us all some constructive pointers.
The guys from the Weskus,many thanks for supporting T.M.F.C ‘s scale event!!

For Some really nice photos and videos of the event, visit the TMFC Facebook Page today!